Owner & Founder


Stefanie’s passion for women’s health started at an early age, in the form of studying about pregnancy and childbirth. This passion is what led her to specialize in urogynecology after receiving a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Midwestern University in 2014. Following graduation, she immersed herself in all things women’s health. After countless hours of continuing education courses and extensive training through the Barral Institute, she began utilizing visceral manipulation to help restore health and functionality within the female pelvis and abdominal viscera.

After assisting with the birth of her nephew in 2017, she was propelled to become a certified Doula. Through her work as a women’s health physical therapist and visceral manipulation practitioner, her deep understanding of anatomy and physiology helps tremendously, both in her treatment room and in the delivery room. She has spent years treating postpartum conditions and has found that far too often women are not getting the care that they need in the 4th trimester. It is her mission to bridge this gap by providing education and postpartum intervention alongside her work as a Doula. She feels strongly that the aches and pains, both emotionally and physically, that come before, during and after pregnancy can be eased and prevented with gentle manual therapy, education and guidance.

Stefanie has met and worked with hundreds of women over the years and has become a vocal advocate for birth and women's health. She founded Full Circle Birth & Pelvic Health after realizing there was a better way to care for women. She wanted to be able to spend more time with her patients, provide more holistic and conservative therapy options, and tailor more personalized plans of care.

In her free time, Stefanie enjoys reading, playing volleyball, exploring other parts of the world, and spending time with her nephew.