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5 placenta facts that will blow your mind…

1. The placenta? Yeah. She’s edible. Birthing people have been ingesting their placentas for thousands of years in hopes of receiving benefits like increased energy, reduced bleeding, and increased milk supply.

2. Babies can send cells through the placenta that protect and heal the mother’s organs. (Think mother’s with autoimmune diseases, kidney failure, cervical cancer, etc.)

3. The placenta acts as multiple organs in one. It functions as the baby’s lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal, and immune system. Your other organs could neverrrr, hunty.

4. It is the only organ that disposes of itself when it is no longer needed. It does this by detaching from the uterus and coming out minutes after the baby is born with the help of contractions. You could say it is birthed - just like baby!

5. The placenta can provide immunity to the baby up to 6 months after birth even though it is no longer attached.

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