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6 weeks is hardly recovered

After spending almost a year growing a human, six weeks is hardly enough time for a comprehensive recovery. In the first year, your newborn will have upwards of eight planned doctor visits. You'll have one. At six weeks, involution of the uterus is complete, you may no longer be bleeding, and your stitches and incisions may be "healed" but you are hardly recovered. What about the pain with sex? The urinary leakage? The scar tissue issues? What about diastasis recti? Pelvic organ prolapse? Low libido?

I want to remind everyone that we cannot neglect the physical changes in motherhood. These changes can have a drastic affect on our mental health. And until pelvic physical therapy becomes the standard of care for all birthing persons before and after delivery, I will not stop educating on this topic. Because anything less is just unacceptable.

It’s also why I created Nourished, a 24 week program designed to fill in the gap in postpartum care for women. This program covers concepts like core and pelvic floor rehab, nutrition guidanice, emotional support, traditional healing modalities and more with coaching calls and communication along the way for added support. You deserve more than a single 6 week check up after birth and I’m here for you!

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