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Birthing your placenta with confidence

Confidently owning the birth of your placenta can lower your risk for bleeding. Sometimes there is a palpable tension after the birth of the baby and before the birth of the placenta. A frantic energy, watching for blood loss, watching the cord. To most providers, it’s a “how quickly can we get this placenta out” attitude that doesn’t come without creating a disturbance that, ironically, may set you - the birthing person - up to bleed unnecessarily. Increased fear = increased adrenaline = decreased oxytocin = increased bleeding. However, the fear that hangs in many a birthing room should vanish, or at least be a lot less, if you exhibit this confidence. Your confidence will give THEM confidence. And there is nothing quite like seeing a woman birth her placenta into a bowl without suggestion or direction, and then just proceed onto her bed with her baby ❤️

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Nov 12, 2023

Where does one learn to do infant massage? And is it still beneficial if your baby is already almost 8 months old?

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