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Interventions Should be the Exception, Not the Norm...

Y’all, interventions in maternity care should be the exception, not the norm.

Most births in the US are characterized by the routine use of👇

✔️Intravenous fluids

✔️Restrictions on eating + drinking

✔️Artificial rupture of membranes

✔️Continuous electronic fetal monitoring

✔️Augmentation of labor

✔️Epidural analgesia

These interventions disturb the normal physiology of birth and ultimately lead to a cascade of other interventions, putting mom and baby at increased risk.

Instead, let’s aim for more of the things that support the physiologic birthing process👇🏼

✔️Letting labor start on its own

✔️Using movement + positioning

✔️Letting water break on its own

✔️Eating + drinking as desired

✔️Spontaneous pushing

✔️Delivering in positions other than flat on your back

As always, I encourage you to do your own research and get to know your options.

Oh, and hire a doula of course 😉❤️

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