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Menstrual Cycle Check

I don’t know about you, but I (like so many others) was put on birth control almost immediately after first getting my cycle, and I stayed on it for a decade.

I wish someone had educated me on my period when I was younger, about the different phases and the norms. Instead, I was "taught" to be embarrassed by it, to dread getting it, and to normalize the pain that came along with it.

Your menstrual cycle is a reflection of your overall health — how familiar are you with yours?

Let’s do a little menstrual cycle check…

✔️ Your cycle length should be between 24-35 days.

✔️ Your bleed should last anywhere between 3-7 days.

✔️ Your fertile window is between 2-7 days, but you will only ovulate 1 day.

✔️ Your follicular, or pre-ovulatory phase is anywhere from 10-23 days.

✔️ Your luteal phase is between 10-16 days.

Do you know your numbers and your norms? Start to track and familiarize yourself, it’s super empowering. This information will also help you to find the root cause of any issues you may be having and help you to heal. Because, unlike what we've been taught, birth control is not a solution to your period problems.

If you’re experiencing painful periods, click the "Contact" box and shoot me an email. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help!

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