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Pregnancy Sex

Due to the hormonal changes inside your body, you may feel more horny than usual during pregnancy. The urge can be really uncontrollable. But this dramatic increase in sex drive is absolutely normal. It is totally safe to engage in sex while pregnant, as long as your doctor hasn't told you otherwise. And no - you won't hurt the baby. No matter how well endowed your partner is.

Amidst all the tension and exhaustion of being pregnant, most women report that the second trimester is the best time to have sex. And that this trimester is by far the most enjoyable time of the entire pregnancy. That’s because it is during this time that you generally start to feel less morning sickness, and finally a little more energized.

Research also shows that the increased amount of blood flow in the pelvic area during this time makes for more intense orgasms. So feel free to pursue intimacy with your partner in the ways that feel good for your body, knowing that it is completely safe for both you and the baby to do so! Please also know that you may not feel this uncontrollable urge and that’s perfectly normal as well. Take time to take care of you and understand what level of sexual interaction feels best for you and your partner during this time.

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