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Prenatal pelvic floor PT to prevent tearing

Did you know that 80% of women experience a perineal tear during childbirth? That is a startling statistic. What I find even more startling is how infrequently women are given information about the pelvic floor or referrals to pelvic floor therapy during their 6-week postpartum follow-up appointment. That’s despite complaining of pain during the internal exam, pain with sex or bowel and bladder dysfunction. Shocking, right? But, what I find even more upsetting than the abandoning of women in postpartum, is the fact that referrals to pelvic floor therapy aren't happening more regularly in the prenatal period. Working with a pelvic floor therapist prenatally can help to PREVENT perineal tearing from happening in the first place.

The bottom line is this - Pelvic floor therapy should be the standard of care for all birthing persons before and after delivery. Period.

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