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Remaining in charge of your birth experience...

⚠️REMINDER⚠️You are at the top in the hierarchy of birth.

💬 Let’s check your cervix...

💬 We’re going to break your water to get things going...

💬 You aren’t progressing the way we’d like, so we are going to start pitocin...

💬 Go ahead and start pushing...

Have you heard any of these before? 👆🏼

This non-consensual language is what leaves birthing people feeling robbed of being an active participant in their own birth 🚫

💥So, how do we keep our POWER and remain IN CHARGE of our birth experience?💥

⭐️Get clear on your vision for birth and choose care providers who are aligned with that vision

⭐️Understand a general physiology of birth and what your body and baby are doing

⭐️Create birth preferences so that you have the experience of being educated on all of your options

⭐️Always ask for risks, benefits, alternatives, and supporting evidence for any suggested interventions

⭐️When in doubt, ask for time! Whether it’s a week, a day, an hour, or even 10 minutes to think something through

⭐️Understand that you can always accept or decline anything

Do you want to have an empowering, supported and outright magical pregnancy and birth, no matter where you are in the world? 🌎

Get the tools that you need to have the birth experience you truly desire. Schedule a free consult call to learn how. ❤️

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