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Scar Tissue Issues

Did you know that c-section delivery represents the most common inpatient surgical procedure performed in the United States?

A c-section is a major abdominal surgery that results in scar tissue formation🚨

Scar tissue that is left untreated can be problematic for many reasons and can contribute to👇🏼

✖️Incision pain/pulling

✖️Pelvic pain

✖️Abdominal pain

✖️Back pain

✖️Bowel/Bladder issues

✖️Pelvic organ prolapse

✖️Pain with intercourse

✖️Secondary infertility

🗣 C-sections need to be rehabbed appropriately with the guidance of a pelvic floor physical therapist 🗣

Yet there is rarely any discussion of this need for rehabilitation with postpartum mamas 🚫


When someone has knee surgery ➡️ There are multiple follow-up appointments, the importance of rehab is stressed by the surgeon, and there is an automatic referral to PT.

When someone has a c-section ➡️ There is typically one check-up at 6 weeks, PT is often never mentioned or offered, and the patient has to ask for a referral themselves, if they even have the insight to do so.

✨ If you have had a c-section, I highly encourage you to schedule a consult via the link in my bio ✨

The non-optimal outcomes listed above can be reduced or completely eliminated with gentle manual therapy techniques 👐🏼

Even if your surgery was 10+ years ago, it is never too late to make positive change! Let's talk! ❤️

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