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Showering the Mother

I’ve always thought it was interesting how baby showers are traditionally done. When, as women and mothers, we have been where this new mama is about to go and we know how hard it can be. We know what kind of support we wish we had and what would have made a tangible difference to our sanity and livelihood while navigating this new chapter.

In my opinion, we should be showering the mother. Setting her up for success by providing the support we all know is needed.

So, let’s say yes to the cute onesie AND contribute to a postpartum doula fund. Let’s buy all the baby books AND go in on a postpartum pelvic floor therapy. Let’s wrap up a few bath toys AND set up a meal train. Ya know what I’m sayin?

Check out our Postpartum Planning Worksheet for ideas on how to really support a new mom. ❤️

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