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True Life: Everyone Needs a Squatty Potty

Let't talk about poop. We all do it, but most of us don't do it well. Constipation affects up to 20% of the worlds population - that's a lot of people with an unhappy colon!

The squatty potty is a game changer when it comes to pooping like a champ. It essentially takes pooping back to its roots. We were designed to squat when eliminating, but modern toilets make that nearly impossible. Thus, the squatty potty was born. Many of you may have seen it on Shark Tank, or heard of its rainbow-pooping unicorn videos, but I'm sure a lot of you haven't actually tried one out. I highly encourage you to! No, this is not a paid add, (squatty potty, have your people call my people and let's make it happen) I just love the squatty potty that much. I recommend it to almost all of my patients. Remember, I deal with bowel and bladder dysfunction for a living. I have seen its benefits with my clients time and time again.

The squatty potty is a little stool that slides under your toilet seat that you prop your feet up on. It is made at just the right height to bring your knees above your hips to mimic a squat position. Using this little piece of heaven has many benefits:

  • It helps relieve constipation

  • It reduces pushing & straining

  • It aids in easier & faster elimination

  • It helps with pelvic floor dysfunction

  • It can improve bladder problems

  • It can help get rid of hemorrhoids

  • It improves overall colon health

Now, let me explain how...

Using a squatty potty can help relieve constipation. That's right - no more pushing and straining. First of all, the squatting position uses gravity to help you. It also helps to relax the pelvic floor, specifically, the puborectalis muscle. This allows the anorectal angle to straighten and the bowels to empty completely. Quicker, easier, and more complete elimination? Sounds good to me! I'm telling you, you are going to be fighting your family members for the bathroom with the squatty potty in it.

Also, bowel and bladder function are very closely related, since those organs sit so close together within the pelvic cavity. Often, dysfunction to one area can contribute to dysfunction in the other. Try using the squatty potty while you urinate. Just like the bowels, the bladder will empty out more quickly, easily, and more completely. More complete bladder emptying can prevent frequent urinary tract infections. That's right ladies - no more pesky UTIs.

If the above isn't benefit enough, using a squatty potty can also help get rid of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen and congested veins, that occur when pressure is placed on your lower rectum, like when you are pushing out a baby or pushing and straining against a kinked colon.

There's just no doubt about it, it's good for our health to eliminate waste. Many studies point to fecal build-up as a cause of colon diseases, including colon cancer. So, go out and give the squatty potty a try. You're about to hit the colon jackpot. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! Get this - you can pick one up from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $20 bucks...even less if you use one of their 30% off coupons they are always sending out :)

PS - They also make great Christmas gifts. You're welcome.

With love & light,

Healing Hands Doula Services

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