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Water Birth

Water immersion has been shown to reduce labor pain.

In fact, the use of birth tubs are a natural and effective pain-relief option that some studies show is on par with drugs 💉

Birthing in the water provides a gentle transition for baby - going from one aqueous environment to another - and also provides many benefits for mom. Water immersion in labor👇🏼

💧Aids in muscle relaxation and pain management

💧Provides freedom and fluidity of movement

💧Decreases the likelihood of perineal tearing

💧Increases the likelihood of a spontaneous 2nd stage

💧Makes it easy for mom to catch her own baby

If you love taking baths and being in the water is soothing to you, I highly recommend considering this option for labor ❤️

🔅REMEMBER🔅Not all locations offer birthing tubs. If this is something that does interest you, it’s important to ask your care provider about this option and any policies and restrictions related to laboring in water 🛁👶🏼

Want to learn more? I'd love to chat!

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