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Why feeling safe is the most important factor for birth

Did you know that feeling safe may be the single most important factor in how your birth will unfold? That's right. Feeling safe and calm will accelerate and simplify your labor. This is a scientific fact. Because, guess what? Your hormones control your labor, and your feelings control your hormones. And though there are many hormones involved in the complicated dance of labor, the two most important ones to know about are adrenaline and oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that contracts the uterus and moves labor forward. Without oxytocin, there is no labor.

Adrenaline on the other hand, is released when we feel threatened or afraid. Adrenaline literally shuts down oxytocin production. Aka stops labor. In order to avoid a fight or flight response being triggered in my clients, I equip them with the knowledge to prepare their mind for birth. Discuss any fears they have around giving birth. Assist them in processing previous birth trauma. Provide consistent prenatal care to prepare their body for birth. And set up an environment conducive to giving birth. One that is dimly lit, uninterrupted and quiet. A safe haven for birth to unfold as it should.

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