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5 Tips for Pain with Sex After Baby

Did you know that 9/10 women experience pain with sex after they deliver their baby. That is a pretty freaking high number!

My biggest tip? ️ Take penetration off the pedestal At least initially...

Instead, start with self-exploration and external stimulation only. Remind those tissues of what pleasure feels like.

When you feel ready, here are a few tips to relax your pelvic floor in order to decrease the likelihood of pain:

  1. Practice pelvic floor relaxation exercises prior to sex

  2. Make foreplay your best friend

  3. Perform deep belly breathing prior to and during insertion

  4. Use lube!

  5. Try positions where you can control the depth, speed and angle of penetration

If you find yourself experiencing pain, dryness, decreased sensation or inability to climax, contact me to set up an appointment!

You deserve to have pleasurable sex and allllll of the orgasms. Okay? Okay ❤️

Ps - Did you know that I also offer virtual wellness sessions for my non-local mamas? Let's talk!

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