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Postpartum is Forever

Planning for postpartum is just as important as planning for birth, if not more so! Hear me out...

The quality of care that a woman receives during the postpartum period, will determine her recovery - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually - and will affect her for the rest of her life.

Read that again.

Postpartum planning is very challenging once you are home with a new baby. Between the sleep deprivation, fluctuating hormones and the needs of your newborn, finding proper support can feel like an overwhelming/impossible task.

Sadly, we are accustomed to seeing the degeneration of women's health after birth. Collectively we normalize what is common:

** Peeing our pants when we cough or sneeze

** Postpartum depression/perinatal mood disorders

** Pain with sex

This degeneration is most often the result of a lack of proper postpartum care. With a solid postpartum plan and proper postpartum care in place going into birth, women can actually become HEALTHIER and STRONGER through the postpartum period!

Click HERE to download our free Postpartum Planning Worksheet The goal of this plan is to help families identify and set up resources BEFORE they are needed, thereby reducing stress and contributing to a supported and nourished postpartum.

Postpartum is forever, mamas. Let me help you plan for it.

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